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Types of Trucks Driven on North Carolina and Virginia Roads

Trucks come in all shapes, sizes, and weights. Each type of truck can be subject to different Virginia, North Carolina, and federal regulations. Each type of truck may have different insurance requirements for the driver and for the owner. Additionally, each truck may have limits on the loads that can be carried, their engine size, engine performance, and the best ways to drive the truck. However, all trucks have this in common – when they cause an accident the consequences can be much more severe than for accidents caused by passenger cars and other vehicles

Mini-trucks and micro-trucks are classified as small trucks. Light trucks include SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicles), minivans, some military transport trucks, pickup trucks (these have an open top and allow cargo to be placed in the rear), panel trucks and panel vans (both often used for deliveries), and tow-trucks.

Medium trucks include box trucks, vans (for transporting people as well as cargo), standard sized trucks, warehouse trucks, flatbed trucks (because there’s no roof or sides), fire-engines/fire-trucks, motorhomes and recreational vehicles.

Large trucks include ballast trucks (used to carry heavy loads long-distance), cement trucks, cranes (used to lift large objects), garbage trucks, refrigerator trucks (used to carry perishable goods), semi-trailer trucks (also known as big rigs, tractor trailers, and 18-wheelers) and tankers (often use to carry hazardous/dangerous materials). There are also heavy haulers.

No matter the type of truck, when a truck accident happens – fatalities and serious injuries can occur. When you’re hurt in one of these truck accidents, you will need a good, experienced lawyer to help you navigate through all the insurance laws, all the state and federal regulations, and all medical and work issues that accompany these types of accidents.

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