VA Personal Injury Lawyer: Car Crashes Caused by Snow and Winter Weather

Virginia Beach, VA. –  A Police spokesperson stated that between Friday, January 25 and Sunday January 27, there were over 270 reported car accidents.  This was after the region received one to two inches of snow Friday night.

The bulk of the accidents occurred during Friday afternoon and evening, when the snow was falling and accumulating on roadways.  Crews responded to 9 crashes with injuries and a total of 185 crashes in the hours between 3 pm and midnight.

From 12 am to 12pm on Sunday, there were 71 car accidents, 8 of which had injuries.  During the following 24 hours police responded to another 19 car accidents, with 1 reporting injuries.

Police say there were only minor injuries, with no reports of serious injury or fatalities.

Though most of the individuals in these hundreds of accidents can count themselves fortunate to avoid serious injury, there are times this is not the case. In addition, the fact that an injury may not initially appear serious does not mean it cannot become serious over time.

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