Virginia Car Accident Occupant Airlifted to a Hospital for Emergency Treatment reported on December 1, 2013 that a person was flown out of Tazewell County after a car accident the previous Sunday. The accident happened in the afternoon on Route 460 near Pounding Mill, Virginia. Another person was taken to Tazewell Community Hospital. Only one vehicle was involved in the accident.

When a car accident happens, first responders will immediately investigate if anyone was hurt. If there were injuries, an ambulance or medical team will be called to the scene. Most times, victims are taken to a local hospital. Sometimes, however, the injuries may be life threatening. In these cases, a victim may be flown to another hospital via air ambulance (helicopter) for several reasons:

  • It may be faster to get the person to a hospital by flying them there, than by ambulance.
  • The local hospitals may not be able to provide the necessary services. For example, they may not have a skilled neurosurgery team.
  • It may be the wish of the relative of the injured person.

Modern medicine often performs miracles if the medical team can see the patient in time to treat them.

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