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Virginia Workers’ Compensation – Notice to Employer Requirement

Virginia state law does require that an employee or his/her representative give immediate notice of a workplace accident to the employer – in writing. There are some exceptions to the notice requirement, but the safest course is to give written notice.

  • Notice details: The notice should identify the employee, where and when the accident happened, how the accident happened, and why. The notice should also identify any injuries.
  • Notice date affects what bills and wages are paid: The employee won’t get medical bills paid or lost wage compensation for any time period before the notice was given unless the employee can show:
    • The employer or his/her agent knew of the accident.
    • The employee was prevented from giving the notice due to a physical incapacity, a mental incapacity, or third person fraud.
  • Must give prompt notice: If the employer doesn’t get notice of the accident or death (this is different from when a claim is filed) within 30 days of the accident or death, the employee may lose all of his/her rights unless there’s a valid reason for the delay and the employer hasn’t been prejudiced by the delay.
  • Notice defects and inaccuracies. The key is to give notice. That every i wasn’t dotted shouldn’t affect the claim unless it can be shown that the employer was hurt by the delay – and then only to the amount of the prejudice.

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