What to Do in Out-of-State Accidents

Local8.now.com reported on 5/19/2014 that a Pennsylvania motorcyclist was killed when his motorcycle collided with a North Carolina driver. The accident happened in Tennessee. The Pennsylvania motorcycle driver was responsible for the accident. He lost control of his motorcycle.

When a local citizen is hurt in another state, you need an experienced lawyer to make sure the right claims are brought in the right place.

  • Who is sued? If the North Carolina driver develops whiplash or other injuries, he could have the right to sue the estate of the motorcyclist.
  • Where is the case brought? The North Carolina driver could normally sue where the accident happened (Tennessee) or where the defendant lived (Pennsylvania). The personal injury laws are different in each state. The way evidence is presented is different in each state. The insurance laws are different in each state. An experienced local North Carolina lawyer will know where to bring the claim (Tennessee or Pennsylvania). They’ll also know how to proceed with the claim to minimize the need for the North Carolina victim to have to travel out of state. For example, the attorney can work to settle the case in a just and fair amount without having to file suit, although they will have to be very quick. Tennessee has only a one year statute of limitations, meaning suit must be filed in Tennessee within a year of the accident or the claim is forever lost.

Lawyer Joe Miller represents North Carolina and Virginia accident victims

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