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Which Motor Vehicle Accidents are Especially Dangerous?

All motor vehicle accidents are dangerous. Even minor accidents can kill. Elderly people are less likely to survive an accident. Impact at the wrong angle can cause cars to spiral out of control causing severe harm. Still, there are some accidents that are more likely to lead to a wrongful death claim than others.

Accidents where the victim has little or no protection

  • Bystanders and pedestrians – bystanders not only have zero protection, they have no reason to anticipate an accident. Bystanders are very vulnerable.
  • Bicycle Riders – Helmets may help if a bicycle rider falls because he hits a bump. But if a bicycle rider is hit by a car, there’s a good chance he/she will die.
  • Motorcycle Operator or Rider – A motorcyclist’s only real protections are his/her helmet and the motorcycle. Motorcycles have just a minor amount of metal compared to a car. As between a motorcycle rider and an automobile driver, the motorcycle driver is the one most likely die in an accident. If a motorcyclist or rider falls off the motorcycle, while riding, there’s nothing between him/her and the road. Collisions and falls are both dangerous and both are often, deadly.

Other types of dangerous situations

  • Commercial vehicles – when a truck, bus, van, or any commercial vehicle is involved in an accident; death or serious injury is likely. The size and weight of a car just can’t provide the safety needed when a car and a commercial vehicle collide.
  • Public commercial vehicles. Vehicles that transport large numbers of people can also kill large numbers of people, both inside and outside the vehicle.
  • Drunk drivers –drunk driving accidents are often deadly because other drivers can’t practice defensive driving. If you don’t know which way someone is going to turn, what lane they’re going to drive in, or if they’re headed towards you coming the wrong way on a one way street – there’s just no way to prepare.
  • Drunk Pedestrians—the same applies to folks who are drunk and walking near or on a roadway. Believe it or not, it is still possible for such a person to recover, given the proper circumstances. The question is—who had the last clear chance to avoid the collision? Was the road straight? If the driver had been paying attention, could he have avoided hitting the pedestrian or at least slowed down enough to allow the pedestrian time to get out of the way?

How our firm can help

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