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Restaurant Workers and N.C. Workers’ Compensation

Restaurant workers often suffer work-related injuries for a variety of reasons. Many service establishments are understaffed The work hours are irregular causing many workers to be tired. There’s constant commotion between the dining center and the kitchen. The quarters are typically quite tight. For many cooks and servers, getting hurt is almost a prerequisite for …

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Rating Guidelines for Upper Extremity Impairments in North Carolina

Here are more impairment rating guidelines for physicians to use in North Carolina work injury cases. The guidelines are meant to be a starting point. Doctors should also factor into their impairment ratings the oral examination, functional tests, diagnostic tests, and the prognosis for the injured worker. For a deeper understanding of why the impairment …

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Rating Guide Criteria for Doctors in NC Workers’ Compensation Cases

The North Carolina Industrial Commissions provides guides to physicians for determining how to rate the impairments for specific types of injuries. The guidelines are just a starting point and not a precise definition. Doctors who are making an evaluation of the impairment rating of a worker can use the guides but they should also factor …

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Medicare Set-Asides (MSA’s) in North Carolina Settlement Agreements

Employees who have an MSA (Medicare Set Aside) account as part of their settlement should get a separate check from the employer or insurance carrier to cover the cost of future medical expenses. Self-administered accounts should be deposited into a separate account that is used just to pay for the employee’s medical expenses – and no other expenses. Some MSAs are not self-administered. Here, the employee will normally get a yearly check for the anticipated medical bills.

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Settlement Keys in North Carolina Back-to-Work Cases

In considering any overall settlement of a North Carolina Workers Compensation case that is accepted, where the worker can return to work but with medical restrictions, the worker and his/her attorney will likely take a look at the following key items:

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New Pressure to Resolve Cases and Obtain Vocational Rehabilitation

There is a plus side to the new North Carolina Worker’s Compensation law as it relates to vocational rehabilitation professionals. N.C.G.S. 97-32.2. can now be used to pressure the insurance carrier to resolve your claim and to get you retrained for new work. Prior to the new law, vocational rehabilitation was rarely a viable option …

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Can Your Lawyer Approve a Workers’ Comp Settlement Without Your Permission in North Carolina?

No attorney can or should approve settlement of any legal matter including a North Carolina worker’s compensation case without your permission. Your lawyer works for you and you have the right to be informed and the right to make the decision as to settlement. As a practical matter, workers’ compensation settlements are approved through a strictly enforced process which requires that the client sign off on the settlement before it will be approved. The most a North Carolina Workers’ Compensation lawyer can do is recommend a settlement and explain the pros and cons of settling versus continuing with the litigation.

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