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Permanent Partial Impairment Settlements in North Carolina

Workers who return to work at the same job or another job often make the mistake of thinking they cannot get other benefits. This is not true for some North Carolina workers. If a worker has a permanent partial disability or a disfigurement of a covered body part, they may be entitled to additional compensation on top of the lost wage money they got while they could not work.

There are many issues a skilled North Carolina workers’ compensation lawyer will review before agreeing to a settlement or termination of benefits. Injured workers who return to work but with some complication should ask their lawyer these following questions:

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FAQs on Medicare Set Asides in Worker’s Compensation Agreements

North Carolina and also Federal Law requires that some North Carolina worker’s compensation settlement agreements contain an MSA (Medicare Set-Aside) account.

What is an MSA Account?

Many employees who settle their claims will continue to need medical assistance. The cost to pay for this assistance has to be considered.  The costs related to the work injury will be paid by the employer or the insurance carrier. When the employee reaches that age of 65, or if the employee has been on Social Security Disability for 24 months, Medicare will pick up the medical payments for the non-work related items.

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How does Impairment Differ from Disability in Workers’ Compensation Cases?

Both words, impairment and disability, are terms of art. This means you have to look to how and where they are being used. Impairment for social security can be different than impairment for worker’s compensation. Impairment in one version of the AMA (American Medical Association) guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Injuries can be different than another edition.

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What to Consider before Accepting a Workers’ Compensation Settlement in North Carolina

Here are some things to really think about if you are being offered a Workers’ Comp settlement or ‘clincher’ in North Carolina, or you are otherwise considering a workers’ compensation settlement.

Is your medical recovery complete?
You should NOT consider settling your case until you know that further medical treatment cannot improve your condition – that you have reached your Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI). MMI essentially means the doctors have made a complete diagnosis and prognosis for you. They know what your injuries are and have a treatment plan. While continued medications and medical treatment can help, you know that no different types of medications or different treatments will work any better.

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