I got hurt on the job, and my employer is paying my medical bills for my injuries and is paying my workers’ compensation. Do I still need an attorney?

At this particular time, the answer may be no; however, depending on the type of injuries that you sustained, you definitely want to start thinking about what is going to happen when your doctor releases you from care.

Are you going to have a permanent injury? Are you going to continue to be required to receive medical treatment into the future, even after you’ve been released to return to some type of work? Are you ever going to be able to go back to your old job? Are you going to be permanently disabled?

We recommend that you contact us now to at least discuss your case and know what your rights are, even if your employer is paying for everything now. We recommend that you have already in your possession our standard information packet, with the enclosed self-addressed stamped envelopes, ready to return to our office when the time of your release from care approaches.

Typically, at some point, your physician will tell you that he may release you from care on your next visit. Sometimes, he will say that he is going to provide you with a disability rating at that time.

At the very latest, that is the time to send us that package and let us start obtaining all of your medical records. That way, when the time comes to look at a potential permanent resolution to your case, we will be poised and ready to proceed without delay.

Please call us at 1-888-694-1671 to discuss your case and obtain a sign-up package to get things started.