I was hit and injured by a hit and run driver and I do not have any way of knowing their identity. Is it possible that I still have a case?

So long as you have a valid insurance policy on your vehicle, your UM coverage should protect you. This is because the unknown vehicle is considered an uninsured vehicle. If you are unable to settle the case with your own insurance company, a lawsuit would be initiated by you against ‘John Doe’, and you would be required to serve your own insurance company with the lawsuit. One important piece of information on John Doe cases : In Virginia, your vehicle does not even have to be impacted or hit in order to recover from your own insurance company. If you can prove that you were run off the road or illegally forced into some barrier or other vehicle by the John Doe driver, then you may be able to recover under the uninsured motorist provisions of your policy. Such is not the case in North Carolina. In North Carolina, you must prove that there was contact between your vehicle and John Doe’s vehicle.