The loved one who was killed in my situation was a child. They do not have any money or “Estate” of any kind. So, I do not understand. How do I administrate something that doesn’t exist?

When we are talking about wrongful death claims, the “Estate” is really just the legal entity that is created in order to bring a claim and receive money to pay out to the beneficiaries once the claim is concluded. If you are a person who wants to qualify to be the personal representative of the child’s estate, you must go down to the Clerk of Court and file the necessary paperwork in order to qualify as personal representative and administrator of the child’s estate so that any money that is obtained in the wrongful death case can be distributed to the proper beneficiaries. You must tell the Clerk that you are doing this in order to move ahead with a wrongful death claim on behalf of the child. It is important that the appropriate boxes are checked on the form in order to indicate that you anticipate bringing a wrongful death claim.