I have been released by the workers compensation doctor, and I am back to work full time. I had a fairly serious injury, and my employer paid me for my medical bills and paid my checks while I was out of work. Is that all I am going to be entitled to?

Answer: If you sustained a serious injury, you may be entitled to additional funds, particularly if your physician has given you a permanent partial impairment (PPI)

Even if your physician has not given you a permanency rating, some physicians simply do not like to give an opinion in that regard.

In such circumstance, you may need to get a second opinion from a private doctor, or we might need to request a rating from your treating doctor, who will likely refer you to a physical therapist.
The physical therapist will then perform testing on your injured body parts to determine if you have sustained a permanent disability in that body part.

In addition to the PPI rating, if you are still undergoing medical treatment, or more treatment has been recommended for the future, the workers compensation carrier may be interested in settling your case for a lump sum of money, and it may be in your interest to consider that option.

We can help you evaluate what is a fair offer in your case based on the medical records and your doctors opinions.