What is Med Pay?

Medical payments coverage or medical expense coverage are optional coverages that you can purchase with your car insurance policy that provide additional coverage up to an amount of medical bills. For instance, you can purchase $1000.00 or more in medical payments coverage, which would reimburse you for up to $1000.00 or more in medical bills related to your accident, depending on how much coverage you purchased. In Virginia, the amount of coverage is multiplied by the number of vehicles on the policy, up to four vehicles. Therefore, in this example, if purchased $1000.00 in medical payments coverage, and you had four vehicles on your policy, you actually have $4000.00 in medical payments coverage per person on that policy. Please note that this coverage is in addition to any other insurance policies and coverage that may be in existence, including the policy of the defendant, and also your own health insurance coverage.


We highly recommend that you speak to your insurance agent as soon as possible, and purchase as much medical payments coverage as you can afford on your own policy. Please do it now, before you get into a car accident. You cannot purchase this coverage, or any coverage, retroactively to cover you for an accident that has already occurred.