Attorney Joe Miller obtains Six-figure settlement for a 58-year-old Assistant Manager at Convenience store who Suffers PTSD from being Robbed for the Third time at Gunpoint

Chesapeake, VA, August, 2020. PTSD from Convenience Store Robbery. We obtained a six-figure settlement for a 58-year old Assistant Manager at a convenience store who was robbed for the third time at gun point. She had begun some treatment with a psychiatrist after the second time she was robbed, but she did not make a claim, and just paid for treatment out-of-pocket.  After the third time, when a gun was put to her back, she filed a claim and we obtained an Award for benefits for her as well as payment for psychiatric treatment, as her reaction was much worse as a result of the third assault to the point where she was unable to return to work in any job that required exposure to the public. Ultimately we were able to secure a settlement for her which would allow her the financial cushion she needed to seek alternative employment which would not require daily public contact.