Attorney Joe Miller secures six-figure settlement for a 52-year- old former tree cutter who suffers Catastrophic Abdominal Injuries and PTSD.

Williamsburg, VA, July 2020. Catastrophic Abdominal Injury and PTSD. Attorney Joe Miller secured a substantial, six-figure settlement for a 52-year old former tree cutter who was severely injured when a 30-foot section of the tree he was cutting unexpectedly fractured and pulled the lanyard rope around him, almost cutting his body in half. Upon being transported to a nearby hospital, it was discovered that he had suffered severe abdominal trauma, including a tear of the spleen and severe trauma to his intestines. He underwent immediate surgery, where two thirds of his intestines were removed. After months of difficult treatment, he had come a long way, but unfortunately still suffers from some abdominal pain. In addition to his physical injuries, he suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from the accident, for which we were able to secure treatment with both a psychiatrist and psychologist.