Joe Miller Attains Hard-Won Victory for Car Accident Victim

Norfolk, VA, August, 2013. We won a substantial victory for a retiree client who was rear-ended by a truck. The truck was towing a fishing boat down Independence Blvd in Virginia Beach and failed to stop in time, striking our client’s van with tremendous force, and injuring our client and his wife. The impact knocked the victim’s van into the car in front of them, which then caused a multi-car pile-up. Because the driver of the truck worked in Norfolk, we were able to file the lawsuit there.

From the beginning, the liability carrier denied the claim entirely. This was because the police officer who wrote the report wrote down that our client had struck the vehicle in front of him first. In addition, the truck driver insisted that our client had struck the vehicle in front of him first.

Our client and his wife, who was riding as passenger, vehemently denied that they had hit anything first, and stated they had come to a complete stop prior to being knocked into the car in front of them.

Prior to trial, the offer from the insurance company for the truck driver was $0.00.

Utilizing deposition transcripts and cross examination at trial we were able to discredit the truck driver and show that the most likely cause of the pile-up was the negligence of the truck driver, who, pulling a large fishing boat, was simply traveling too fast and could not stop in time before striking our client’s van. He finally admitted under questioning at trial that he didn’t even see our client’s van until he hit them.

The Norfolk jury came back with a fair and substantial verdict in favor of our client.