Joe Miller is Local Co-Counsel in $1.5 Million Settlement for Worker Injured in Falling Elevator.

October, 2012, Norfolk, Va. Along with our dear friend Dennis Field, Esq. of Strellis & Field in St Louis, Mo, we were able to secure this hard-won settlement for a man who was involved in this industrial accident. He was severely injured after the elevator he was riding in malfunctioned and fell several feet, before coming to an abrupt stop. Depositions of supervisors and maintenance personnel revealed that the defendant companies responsible knew that the elevator was malfunctioning before our client was injured. Despite that knowledge, those in charge refused to remove the elevator from service. In addition, the employer claimed our client was barred from recovery because he was a statutory employee. After numerous depositions, briefs, and oral arguments, we won on that issue. Although he can no longer work, with the funds we were able to obtain in settlement of his claim, our client can now look forward to a financially secure retirement.