Joe Miller Negotiates Living Arrangements and a Handicapped Van for Man Who Became Quadriplegic

2006, Elizabeth City, NC— We negotiated an arrangement for a gentleman who tragically became a quadriplegic as a result of a tragic, catastrophic car accident while on the job. We still represent this client, and his case is ongoing. Prior to the accident, he had been living in an apartment and prior to our representation, he was forced by the workers comp carrier to stay in a hotel room for close to a year. We were able to negotiate an arrangement whereby the employer purchased for him, in cash, a specially-equipped double-wide trailer in a nice park, with a handicapped shower, and numerous ramps leading to and from the trailer for his wheelchair. In addition, the carrier purchased for him a fully-equipped van with handicapped controls that accommodated his motorized wheelchair. We were also able to obtain him a lump sum of money to assist him with the cost of maintaining the van and purchasing auto insurance. Currently, although he will always unfortunately require home nursing, he receives his comp checks, and lives independently. He is currently working toward his college degree.