Joe Miller Obtains Hard-won Settlement for 38 Year Old Woman Who Suffered Back Injuries

2008, Edenton, NC—We were able to obtain a hard-won settlement for a 38-year-old North Carolina woman who suffered injuries to her low back while moving a 55- gallon drum at work, for which she underwent spinal surgery. Her employer claimed that she failed to report her injury in a timely fashion, and also claimed that her injuries were not sustained at work, but were pre-existing back injuries. The case went to hearing with a Deputy Commissioner of the Industrial Commission, where under cross-examination, our client’s supervisor admitted that our client had, in fact, told her about her injury but that the supervisor had simply “dropped the ball” about following through with the proper procedures. In addition, diligent and relentless questioning of her treating doctors in depositions revealed that our client’s need for surgery did indeed relate to her work accident. Accordingly, we were able to obtain her a settlement, whereas before our involvement, the employer was adamant about not paying a penny.