Joe Miller Obtains Six Figure Settlement for Virginia Trucker Injured by Improperly Loaded Cargo inside Trailer

Suffolk, VA, September, 2014. Joe Miller Obtained a six-figure settlement at mediation for a 79-year-old truck driver who was injured while picking up his loaded trailer from a North Carolina factory. After hooking his cab to the trailer, upon attempting to check on the trailer contents, one of the rear doors flung open, knocking the client several feet into the air and causing him to suffer a severe fracture to his arm. We filed suit against the factory company, and claimed that the product inside the trailer, which was packed into large bags which each weighed over 900 pounds, was wedged against the rear doors of the trailer, causing them to suddenly and unexpectedly fling open. This was because the large bags or totes were negligently stacked and loaded in an unsafe manner, in violation of OSHA regulations.