Joe Miller Obtains Substantial Settlement for Teenager in Denied Coverage Case

2007, Norfolk, Va. We obtained a substantial injury settlement for a Norfolk teenager pedestrian who was struck by a car which ran up onto the grass in his neighborhood. He was first denied coverage by the insurance company because the insurance company of the driver claimed that our client was hit intentionally by the defendant driver, (most insurance polices do not cover intentional acts) and because of a lack of notice of the claim by the owner of the vehicle to the insurance company. A deposition taken of the defendant taken outside her prison cell, as well as careful cross-examination of the insurance adjuster at the hearing revealed that 1) the intention of the defendant was not to injure our client, but someone else with whom she had a dispute; and 2) the insurance company records revealed that the owner of the car that ran into our client had given ample notice to the insurance company of the claim. The court then ruled that coverage should have been provided, and the claim was subsequently settled for a substantial sum.