Calculating Interest Payments in Virginia Work Injury Cases

Posted on Monday, July 4th, 2016 at 2:00 pm    

If payment of benefits is delayed due to Appeal, the injured worker may be eligible for interest.

An experienced Virginia Workers’ Compensation attorney like Joe Miller Esq. understands how to arrive at the key figure. The Virginia Workers Comp Commission has also made this easier with an Interest Calculator in the event your case is appealed. The key items that need to be reviewed to calculate the interest due on compensation benefits are:

  • The Accident Date
  • The Date of the Opinion
  • Benefit Start Date
  • Benefit End Date
  • Compensation Rate
  • Date Paid
  • Weeks Due
  • Daily Interest Rate
  • Amount Due at Date of Opinion
  • Days Delayed
  • Interest Due
  • Total Compensation

Hurt at work? Get all the money you deserve.

.Sometimes employers delay making payment for invalid reasons, for the hope that you will give up, or for other reasons. Whatever the reason, if you are entitled to compensation – the employer should not be rewarded for any delay. Attorney Joe Miller has the experience you need to get interest for delay and to properly calculate your compensation benefits. Call Joe Miller to review your claim at 888-694-1671 or complete his online contact form.