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Restaurant Workers and N.C. Workers’ Compensation

Restaurant workers often suffer work-related injuries for a variety of reasons. Many service establishments are understaffed The work hours are irregular causing many workers to be tired. There’s constant commotion between the dining center and the kitchen. The quarters are typically quite tight. For many cooks and servers, getting hurt is almost a prerequisite for …

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Heavy Lifting and North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Claims

Lifting heavy objects is one of the principal causes of shoulder, back and spine pain. For most every job  in construction, manufacturing, warehouse work, agriculture labor, the trucking industry, or any manual labor job – heavy lifting is part of the job requirement. Lifting can include boxes, inventory, materials, equipment, furniture, and any item that …

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FAQs about North Carolina Mediation

What are the settlement rates at North Carolina Industrial Commission mediation conferences? Settlement rates at IC mediation conferences have historically been at or above 70%. Does the Commission order all workers’ compensation cases to mediation? Under the automatic referral procedures commenced during the 1996-97 fiscal year, whenever a party files a request for hearing in …

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Pros and Cons of Workers’ Compensation Mediation in North Carolina

What is mediation? After the injured worker files a work injury claim and requests a hearing on the case, the North Carolina Industrial Commission will first order the parties to a mediation conference. The parties can either agree to have the mediation or disagree in which case the NICC will make the decision whether a …

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Where Workplace Accidents Happen Most Often

Accidents at work happen for many reasons. Employers should be aware of the various causes and take steps to try to avoid these types of workplace accidents or, at least, take preventive steps to try to reduce them.  A common misconception is that the employer has to be negligent or “at fault” for the accident …

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Common FAQs About Medical Treatment in North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Cases

Many questions and answers about Worker’s Compensation can be found at the North Carolina Industrial Commission Website. Still, the best recommendation is that a worker review his/her case with an experienced North Carolina Workers’ compensation attorney. The attorney will be current on the relevant laws and legal issues. Mostly, the lawyer will understand many of …

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Reasons an Employer Will Try to Terminate Employee Benefits in North Carolina

Many workers lose their benefits because they fail to follow the proper North Carolina Workers’ Compensation laws. They may also lose their benefits if they are able to return to their pre-injury work. Employers and their insurers are always on the lookout for a way to terminate employee benefits. For this reason, injured employees should …

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Rating Guidelines for Upper Extremity Impairments in North Carolina

Here are more impairment rating guidelines for physicians to use in North Carolina work injury cases. The guidelines are meant to be a starting point. Doctors should also factor into their impairment ratings the oral examination, functional tests, diagnostic tests, and the prognosis for the injured worker. For a deeper understanding of why the impairment …

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Rating Guide Criteria for Doctors in NC Workers’ Compensation Cases

The North Carolina Industrial Commissions provides guides to physicians for determining how to rate the impairments for specific types of injuries. The guidelines are just a starting point and not a precise definition. Doctors who are making an evaluation of the impairment rating of a worker can use the guides but they should also factor …

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Attorney’s Fees in North Carolina and Virginia Workers’ Compensation Cases

The legal fees in North Carolina work injury cases are regulated by state law. All legal fees must be approved by the North Carolina Industrial Commission or Virginia Workers Compensation Commission. Most attorneys such as Joe Miller Esq. handle workers’ compensation cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that the injured client may only …

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