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Typical Types of North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Injuries

Workplace accidents and illnesses happen for many reasons. It is important to work with an experienced North Carolina work injury attorney who knows the common kinds of claim types. It isn’t necessary to prove fault on the part of the employer because fault is not an element of workers’ compensation law. But the type of …

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North Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Rights

Workers who are injured at work or suffer a work related illness are entitled to more than just a percentage of lost wages. They are entitled to more than payment of surgery, doctor, and prescription pages. They are even entitled to more than occupational therapy. If an employee is hurt and cannot work at his/her …

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Choosing a Doctor in North Carolina Work Injury Cases

North Carolina has specific rules for doctor selection if you suffer a workplace injury or illness. Employees are usually directed to a doctor by the employer, unless they underwent emergency surgery in the hospital. In such cases, the surgeon will usually continue on as the treating physician. Employees may be able to switch to a …

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Types of Disability in North Carolina Workers Compensation Cases

Injured workers are entitled to wage loss benefits based on the type of disability they have. Disability is a legal term of art that an experienced North Carolina workers compensation attorney can explain. Worker’s compensation disability determines how long the injured employee gets benefits and what the amount of those benefits are. The correct classification …

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Injuries to Janitors and Custodial Workers Are Rising

According to the Centers for Disease control, there are about 2.3 million custodial workers. That number is expected to rise another 250,000 by 2020. Over 1,400,000 people work as maids and cleaners in health care facilities such as hospitals and hotels. Janitors, custodians, maids and cleaners are all at risk for a serious injury. Workers …

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Workers’ Compensation Issues for Janitors and other Maintenance Workers

Janitors and custodians perform a variety of tasks in retail, office, medical, public service and other settings that can cause an injury or an occupation illness. These are just some of the many types of accidents or illnesses my law firm handles for injured janitors and custodians: Slip and Fall Accidents. Almost anything a janitor …

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What is a Claimant Deposition in a Worker’s Compensation Case?

Sometimes a claimant will be questioned by the insurance company lawyer in a deposition.  A deposition is a less formal proceeding than a full hearing. In depositions, the insurance company is trying to find out what happened. While the defense lawyer is usually fairly friendly, do not be fooled. The insurance company lawyer or employer lawyer is trying to find some fault in the claimant’s case that can help the defense.

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What is a Medical Deposition in a Workers Compensation Case?

A deposition is a chance for the attorneys representing either party in a legal case to question a party, witness, or anyone who possesses relevant facts about the legal case about their knowledge of the matter. The deposition is conducted under oath, in the presence of a Court Reporter, who converts all of the testimony into a transcript that she later types up and distributes to the parties, sometimes directly to the Judicial body.

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