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Virginia Workers’ Compensation for Occupational Diseases

Most workers need to show they suffered a specific workplace injury that occurred at a specific point in time in order to recover workers’ compensation in Virginia. There is an exception for workers who suffer a disease that is due to work. Most occupational diseases occur after months or more normally years of exposure. Many …

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Attorney’s Fees in North Carolina and Virginia Workers’ Compensation Cases

The legal fees in North Carolina work injury cases are regulated by state law. All legal fees must be approved by the North Carolina Industrial Commission or Virginia Workers Compensation Commission. Most attorneys such as Joe Miller Esq. handle workers’ compensation cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that the injured client may only …

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Calculating Interest Payments in Virginia Work Injury Cases

If payment of benefits is delayed due to Appeal, the injured worker may be eligible for interest. An experienced Virginia Workers’ Compensation attorney like Joe Miller Esq. understands how to arrive at the key figure. The Virginia Workers Comp Commission has also made this easier with an Interest Calculator in the event your case is …

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Lump Sum Calculations for Compensation

Some workers are in a position, if they have reached maximum medical improvement, to consider a lump sum settlement. Lump sum settlements are very complicated. You only get one lump sum settlement which means once you accept a settlement you cannot go back and say that you missed something. An experienced Virginia workers’ compensation lawyer …

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Multiple Period Compensation Calculations for Injured Workers in Virginia

This multiple period calculator is similar to the Basic Calculator, but it allows the addition of additional benefit periods. The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission has an online calculator. To play safe, injured workers should review their compensation loss with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer. Multiple periods may apply, for example, if a worker tries to …

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Links to the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Law

Injured Workers can find a lot of useful information on the state Worker’s Compensation Site. One useful link is as follows: http://law.lis.virginia.gov/vacode/title65.2/ This link provides the various sections of the state workers’ compensation law. Your Virginia injured worker lawyer understands the law and what each section means for you. It is best to review your …

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Virginia Allows for Reimbursement of Rehabilitation Expenses

The Virginia Workers’ Commission recognizes the difficulties workers have in trying to get healthy enough to work again. One of those difficulties is advancing a lot of funds that they do not really have. Workers who keep accurate records should get reimbursement for the following vocational rehabilitation related expenses, if they are reasonable: Mileage costs …

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What Happens If I Have Difficulty Speaking English?

“The Commission will provide interpreters at its expense when requested for non-English speaking parties and witnesses in the evidentiary hearing setting. In lieu of a Commission-provided interpreter, parties independently may obtain and use the services of a qualified interpreter of their own choosing and at their own expense. Such interpreters need not be certified by …

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Responsibilities of an Injured Employee

Injured employees in Virginia must meet several basic requirements in order to be eligible for benefits. An experienced Virginia workers’ compensation benefits will work to help employees comply with these requirements. The lawyer will answer your questions and work to maximize the amount of total benefits.   Give notice to the employer as soon as …

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