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What are Cost of Living Benefits in Virginia (COLA)

A Cost of Living Increase is also known as Cost of Living Allowance or COLA. The aim of the COLA is to adjust wages for inflation. Workers who receive temporary total, permanent total or death benefits pursuant to an Award are entitled to a COLA effective October 1 of each year if the date of …

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What are Employee Death Benefits in Virginia Accident or Occupational Illness Cases?

The families of employees who die due to a workplace accident or occupational illness are entitled to the following death benefits under the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act: Which family members can get benefits? A surviving spouse, Children under 18, Children under 23 enrolled full time in an accredited educational institution, Parents in destitute circumstances Other …

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Lifetime Medical Benefits in Virginia Workers’ Compensation Cases Explained

Injured workers who qualify for workers’ compensation benefits are entitled to do everything they can reasonably due to get healthy and stay well. This means employers must pay, through their insurance carrier or self-insurance the following: All hospital bills Doctor visits Medical devices including prosthetics, braces, and walkers Medication prescriptions Transportation expenses to the doctor’s …

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What are Wage Replacement Benefits in Virginia?

Employees who are injured while working in Virginia are entitled to compensation if they cannot work due to a workplace accident of illness. During the time the work spends on getting healthy, the worker who qualifies for benefits receives 2/3rds of the gross weekly wage up to 500 weeks. There are a few exceptions to …

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What Benefits Can Injured Virginia Workers Claim?

Employees who are injured while working in Virginia are entitled to the following benefits under the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act: Wage Replacement. (Temporary total or partial): The amount of benefits is typically 2/3rds of the average weekly salary until the worker can return to the job or up to 500 weeks. Lifetime Medical Benefits. Hospital …

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Virginia Workers’ Compensation Glossary – Definitions Starting with W

WebFile: The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission’s online portal to electronic records. WebFile has been set up so that, based on your role, one can manage records and take care of key transactions online.” When we begin our representation of a client, our first task is to note that representation on WebFile, so we can determine …

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Virginia Workers’ Compensation Glossary – Definitions Starting with T

Treating Physician: The doctor selected by the injured worker from the panel of doctors supplied by the employer or insurance carrier. This is most often referred to as the authorized treating physician (ATP). Sometimes you may not have to select from a panel if your injury was such that you were immediately taken in to …

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