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The Various Types of Prosthetic Limbs

In a recently-posted article, we discussed the various types of workers compensation benefits that may be due to an injured worker when an amputation occurs as a result of an on-the-job injury.  Here we discuss the various types of prostheses that may be employed to help amputees return to more functional lives.  According to Amputee …

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Medical Treatments for Amputees

Workers can suffer the loss of a limb or body part for many reasons. They may be injured in a vehicle accident or a fall. Often, workers lose a limb due to being crushed or pinned by workplace machinery or equipment. Our office has represented a number of clients who are amputees, and obtained settlements …

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Claim for Virginia Worker’s Compensation Benefits – FAQs

The Virginia Worker’s Compensation Commission has a list of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on various topics. Some of the Commission’s Q and As for claiming benefits are included below with adjustments because the best solution is always to consult with an experienced worker’s compensation attorney such as Joe Miller Esq.   Q – What …

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Forms the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission Provides

The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission provides many forms that our law office uses. These are some of the many forms the Commission provides online. Many other forms, motions and other necessary paperwork items are prepared directly by our office. Claim for Benefits Amputation Chart – Hand Amputation Chart – Foot Attending Physician’s Report Award Agreement …

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Hearing Office Locations in Virginia

Here is the contact information for the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Offices throughout the state. Understand that even though these are the main offices, there are numerous other locations where the Commission typically schedules hearings to make it more convenient for the parties to attend. Many of these are at Courthouses, or even at Community Colleges. …

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Virginia Workers Compensation Commission Departments – Part II

This article is a continuation of the article on the various departments of the Virginia Worker’s Compensation Commission. For legal advice on your worker’s compensation claim, please contact my office directly. Financial Services. This department handles all the money that comes in and goes out. It’s mainly for running the Commission and for collecting the …

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