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Questions about the Virginia ADR Process

Who must attend mediation? The injured worker must participate in the mediation, unless the dispute is between the medical provider and the employer. The insurance company needs to have someone who has the authority to settle the claim, and that usually means the insurance adjuster. Usually the adjuster will attend the mediation via speakerphone and …

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Mediation Review Form for Virginia Worker’s Compensation Cases

This is a form that reviews how well the mediator did. It reviews the mediator’s performance, case management features, and includes overall suggestions. Reviewers have the option of including their name and the date of the mediation. Questions about the mediator’s performance include a 1 to 5 scale on the following topics. Did the mediator…. …

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Workers’ Compensation Issues for Janitors and other Maintenance Workers

Janitors and custodians perform a variety of tasks in retail, office, medical, public service and other settings that can cause an injury or an occupation illness. These are just some of the many types of accidents or illnesses my law firm handles for injured janitors and custodians: Slip and Fall Accidents. Almost anything a janitor …

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Why Health Care Workers Need Workers’ Compensation Help

It’s easy to think that most work injuries happen to men and happen in work industry that involve heavy machinery and construction. The data from the US Department of Labor actually shows that healthcare work is the leading cause of work related injuries. For 2012, there were 621,100 work- related injuries in the United States …

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How Do Brain Injuries Happen at Work?

There are many reasons a person can suffer a traumatic brain injury at work. Many of these are due to some type of trauma such as: Falling off a ladder or scaffold Having an object fall on your head A motor vehicle accident that occurs while you are working Slipping and falling on a loose …

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What Is the Medicare Set-Aside Requirement (MSA)?

Part and parcel of any settlement calculation of a workers’ compensation claim is figuring the costs of future medical care. Ideally, the calculations will be perfect and the money the insurance company pays for your medical care matches what you actually need during your lifetime. Often, though, the calculation is not correct and you end …

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The Role of the Employee’s Lawyer in Vocational Rehabilitation

The employee is entitled to hire an attorney to represent his worker’s compensation cases. Our firm strongly suggests every claimant have qualified Virginia legal Workers Compensation counsel. The Guidelines from the Virginia Worker’s Compensation Commission directly address the role of the employee’s attorney as follows:

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