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Virginia Workers’ Compensation Glossary – Definitions Starting with T

Treating Physician: The doctor selected by the injured worker from the panel of doctors supplied by the employer or insurance carrier. This is most often referred to as the authorized treating physician (ATP). Sometimes you may not have to select from a panel if your injury was such that you were immediately taken in to surgery. In such cases, the surgeon usually becomes the treating physician by default and no panel is required.


Temporary Partial Disability Benefits (TPD): This is the status where an injured worker returns to a lesser paying job. You can obtain 2/3rds of the difference between your pre-injury average weekly wage and your average weekly wage in your new job. Workers on TPD do not get cost of living adjustments. (COLA)


Temporary Total Disability (TTD): This is the status where an injured worker cannot return to work after the initial 7 day waiting period. The worker gets 2/3rds of his/her average weekly wages up to 500 weeks. If the worker obtains an OPEN AWARD, then TTD can be paid even if the doctors say the worker can return to work with restrictions – if the employer does not have a job with those restrictions available. But with no Open Award, you HAVE NO RIGHTS and are vulnerable to being CUT OFF if your doctor releases you to any work whatsoever– Even if there are lifting restrictions of 1 pound. Exceptions apply if the worker is permanently and totally disabled. Please download my book to learn more about how this works.


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