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What are Permanent Partial Benefits and Permanent and Total Disability Benefits in Virginia

Injured or ill workers may be entitled to additional benefits if their injury or partially or total permanent.

Permanent Partial Impairment (PPI) Benefits. “Separate benefits are payable for the permanent loss of use of a body part such as an arm, leg, finger, or eye. Vision and hearing loss, as well as disfigurement may also be compensated. This does not include the back, neck or body as a whole. Benefits are for a specific number of weeks depending on the percentage of loss. The employee can receive these benefits while working if maximum medical improvement has been reached.” These impairments are called ratings and are expressed as a percentage of impairment. To learn more about ratings, WATCH THIS VIDEO.

Permanent and Total Disability. “Lifetime wage benefits may be payable if an individual loses both hands, arms, feet, legs, eyes, or any two in the same accident, or is paralyzed or disabled from a severe brain injury.” If you have received an injury to two ratable body parts and these injuries interfere with your ability to work, you may be looking at permanent and total disability benefits. If this is you, then you may have a much more significant case than you realize, because you may be entitled to LIFETIME workers comp checks. This is not something that the insurance company is going to volunteer to you.

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