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What to Consider before Accepting a Workers’ Compensation Settlement in North Carolina

Here are some things to really think about if you are being offered a Workers’ Comp settlement or ‘clincher’ in North Carolina, or you are otherwise considering a workers’ compensation settlement.

Is your medical recovery complete?
You should NOT consider settling your case until you know that further medical treatment cannot improve your condition – that you have reached your Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI). MMI essentially means the doctors have made a complete diagnosis and prognosis for you. They know what your injuries are and have a treatment plan. While continued medications and medical treatment can help, you know that no different types of medications or different treatments will work any better.

Know what a settlement means:
A settlement in workers’ compensation cases means that you agree to a one-time payment of some portion of what will reasonably be owed to you in the future. The two main payment issues are:

  • How long will you continue to get wage loss benefits and
  • What future medical bills you will have for the rest of your life?

You may also be entitled to a vocational allowance. You are giving up your rights to future treatment, and ongoing payments, in exchange for a lump sum of money.

Attorney’s Fee for Workers’ Comp – Usually 25% of Settlement
If you have an attorney, the Industrial Commission usually approves a standard attorney’s fee of 25% of your settlement, so when you are thinking about your settlement, don’t forget to subtract that amount from the overall payment.

If you have questions about these considerations, or are unsure where you are in the process, North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Attorney Joe Miller can help.  He knows how to help injured workers. He’ll make sure the worker or the worker’s family get their full award at the appropriate time.  Contact The Work Injury Center and Attorney Joe Miller today at at 888-694-1671 or online.

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