Your Guide To Vocational Rehabilitation in Virginia and North Carolina

Posted on Tuesday, July 20th, 2021 at 2:53 pm    

Workers Compensation Attorney Joe Miller of Joe Miller Law and the Work Injury Center here explains the real purpose behind vocational rehabilitation. Unlike your physical therapist, a vocational rehabilitation counselor is usually not someone your doctor will refer you to. He or she is someone who is hand-picked by the workers compensation insurance company. Their agenda is to reduce the comp carrier’s exposure to your weekly checks. They can accomplish this in two ways: 1. By getting you a job. (usually one you have no interest in performing and 2. By luring you into a situation where you are non-compliant with vocational rehabilitation and thereby getting you 100% cut off of your weekly checks. The bottom line is that while you have no choice but to do the “dance” that they require that you do, make not mistake. The vocational rehabilitation counselor is not your friend and is not on your side. They are on the side of their employer, the workers compensation insurance company.