Strong Justice Personal Injury Videos

Injury Law Attorney Joe Miller has prepared videos on a number of topics to help current and prospective clients understand their rights, and some of the risks that can jeopardize an injury case, whether it is a workers compensation case or a personal injury. You can expand each section below to see the relevant videos.

Definition of Accident NC vs VA Workers Comp

The Concept of Risk of Employment in VA Workers Compensation

Your Guide To Vocational Rehabilitation in Virginia and North Carolina

New Virginia COVID-19 Workers Comp Law

Always Get A Work Note

Pain Medication and Treatment-Don't Be Scared Away by the Panic!

Your Settlement Demand Went Out. Now What?

Common Misconceptions of Workers Comp Cases

The Secret to Protecting Your Rights in Your VA Workers Comp Case

Permanency Rating in Your Workers' Compensation Case (click here to read the transcript)  

10 Traps and Lies that will Ruin Your Virginia Workers Compensation Claim


How to Enforce Your Rights for Virginia Workers' Compensation Issues


What is an Award Agreement in Virginia Workers' Compensation Claims


Pre-Existing Injuries and Your Virginia Workers' Compensation Rights


What do I do if my workers comp check is late?


How to Enforce Your Rights for Virginia Workers' Compensation


NC Works Comp Guide Book Free Download


Your Guide To Medicare Set Asides


What Will It Cost You to hire me as your Lawyer?


Watch out for Contributory Negligence


The Number One Complaint Against Lawyers


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Can I Get More Money if I'm Hit by a Drunk Driver in Virginia?


What Is Your Case Worth?


How Do You Protect Your Rights?


The Dangers of Facebook During Your Injury Case


Big Brother is Watching You