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Job Opening for Legal Assistant at Joe Miller Law

Joe Miller Law is a growing workers compensation and personal injury law firm. If you notice from our website, our brand is Strong Justice. SM

Joe Miller, Attorney-at-law

Our standard of Strong Justice SM means that we will accept nothing less than a superstar as an employee of our office. You have to be hard-working, organized and experienced as a legal assistant so you can provide exceptional service to our growing roster of clients, especially in the field of workers compensation.

What is Joe Miller Law?

Right now, we are a small law firm but we are on track to be the premium, “go-to” firm for injured workers in the Greater Hampton Roads area as well as North East North Carolina.

As you see from this website, attorney Joe Miller has written and distributed several books and posted numerous videos and blogs on Workers Compensation and Personal Injury. We are in a position to accomplish amazing things, but we first need to put the pieces of the puzzle in place so that we have the capacity to continue to handle the influx of clients who recognize that we are exceptional and that we know what we are doing. That starts with YOU.

What kind of people are we looking for?

We are looking for people who are self-starters, with a willingness and ability to absorb new concepts like a sponge. You need to be smart, a team player, and you need to be willing to listen to directions and yet be able to think on your own. You need to have an engaging telephone presence. In a word, we are not looking for “clerks.” We are looking for superstars who are pumped up by the fact that they play a vital role in our very important mission of saving our clients from being run over and ruined by big insurance companies.

What is the legal assistant position all about?

You will be copying, scanning, organizing, indexing, and ordering medical records via correspondence on a daily basis. You will be calling on balances and answering the telephone. You may have to calm down an anxious client here and there. You will also be asked to organize pleadings and create indexes for those as well. You will assist in readying files for hearing. As you grow in the position, so will the list of tasks assigned to you, and hopefully, your salary and your title will grow as well. Whatever you will be doing, we guarantee the pace will be frantic and you will not be bored.

“MUST HAVE” SKILLS: You must be computer literate, in particular with Microsoft WORD. EXCEL is also a plus. You must be able to copy and scan records and place the PDF’s in the appropriate file on the server. You must have a familiarity with medical records to the extent that you can organize them correctly. You must be proficient in writing standard correspondence on a computer and work with computer files and content in WORD. You need to be a decent typist. You need to be able to get the job done at a reasonable pace, which in our office, usually means ‘frantic.’

Who will succeed in this job?

The person who will succeed in this job is someone who is organized, detail-oriented, a team player, hard-working, growth-oriented/ambitious, and is ‘on fire’ about being on the ground floor of the #1 Workers Compensation Firm in Hampton Roads.

Who will fail in this job?

The person who will fail in this job is someone who keeps looking at the clock all day and runs out the door precisely at 5PM. The person who will fail in this job is someone who never asks what else they can do to help. The person who will fail in this job is satisfied with just doing the bare minimum requirements of what they’ve been asked to do and nothing more. The person who will fail in this job is only concerned with what they can get in terms of money and does not care about our clients, the firm mission, or the overall success of the firm.

What will give you the ‘edge’ in terms of applying for this job?

Those with significant experience in Virginia or North Carolina workers compensation will be given top priority as our firm primarily handles workers compensation matters; however, what will win us over is whether you possess the personality qualities we are looking for. Much of what we need you to do we can teach you, but those personality qualities and values that you possess—those things cannot be taught.

What are the benefits and potential rate of pay?

The job will pay between $12.00 and $16.00 an hour, depending on your experience in the legal field, particularly in workers compensation in Virginia and Personal injury in Virginia or North Carolina. In addition to your regular pay, we have a bonus incentive program that provides the opportunity for you and your fellow employees to earn additional money each month, which money is tied to the performance of the firm in any given month. Also, we provide health insurance if required.

Instructions to apply for this job

In addition to your resume, which should be submitted via a Word Document or PDF attachment attached to your email, (not in the body of the email itself) please tell us in your cover email, —in 200 words or less— why you think you would be ideal for this position and what your ambitions are in life.

We look forward to hearing from you!!!

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