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Virginia Beach, VA and North Carolina Injury Lawyer Joe Miller Law accepts referrals from other law firms for all serious cases relating to personal injury law, workers compensation law, wrongful death, railroad cases (FELA), or industrial accidents.

We frequently accept referrals from firms which do not practice injury law.  Referral to our firm gives those lawyers an opportunity to earn a fee in the area of injury practice, a field in which the referring attorney is typically not involved.

For instance, we often accept cases from lawyers or law firms which practice primarily real estate law, family law, or criminal law.

In return for the referral, to the extent that it is ethically permitted by the Bar, we can offer the referring attorney or law firm a generous referral fee upon settlement or payment of any verdict in relation to the claim.

Our firm typically charges a 33.3% contingency fee to the client for handling an injury case, which increases to 40%, in the event the matter must be tried to verdict.

Workers compensation attorney’s fees must be approved by the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission or the North Carolina Industrial Commission.  The VWCC will typically approve an attorney’s contingency fee of 20%, while the NCIC will typically approve a 25% fee.

The percentage of our attorney’s fee that we can offer the referring firm or attorney will depend upon the amount of work that the referring firm or attorney has already performed on the case, or will continue to perform on the case.

The referring attorney can also advise its client and assure that client that he or she is being referred to a reputable and successful injury law firm that will handle the client’s case with the requisite expertise and personal attention that client deserves. What your client will receive is our unique brand of Strong Justice℠ .

We also often accept referrals from other injury attorneys who may encounter a conflict and need to refer one or more parties to other injury lawyers.

Acting as Local Counsel

In addition to accepting cases from local attorneys who do not practice injury law, we have also frequently partnered with attorneys who are located outside the Commonwealth of Virginia or the State of North Carolina. These out-of-state firms may be injury firms, but they typically need local injury law counsel to file and pursue the claim in Virginia or North Carolina.

Once again, the extent of our referral fee in cases where we act as local counsel will depend on the level of involvement requested by the referring attorney, or the amount of work that was performed by the referring attorney prior to our involvement in the case.

In those instances where the referring attorney wishes to remain involved in litigating the matter, we can and have facilitated pro hac vice admission for the referring attorneys to the State Bar in either Virginia or North Carolina.

In those instances, we have thoroughly enjoyed hosting foreign attorneys in our locale, and we look forward to becoming part of any team that is striving to bring an injured client’s case to a successful resolution.

Contact Us

If you are a member of a law firm that does not practice injury law, and you have a client who was injured, and you are considering referring that client to an injury law firm, please consider contacting us at Joe Miller Law.

If your firm is located outside of the Commonwealth of Virginia or the State of North Carolina, and you need local counsel who is familiar with the Court system and procedures in our jurisdictions and you need to file a case here, please contact us at Joe Miller Law, so that we can discuss how we can help you and your client.

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If you are looking at this site, you or a loved one has probably been hurt. If that's true, you've come to the right place. Helping people who have been hurt is what we do. In fact, it is all we do. Joe Miller Law is a law firm concentrating exclusively on representing people who are injured by the carelessness of others or those hurt on the job. We provide the highest quality legal services to people who have been seriously injured. We practice Personal Injury law and Workmens' Compensation law in both Virginia and North Carolina.