Should I give a statement to the insurance adjuster of the person who hit me?

There are many occasions when we feel that it is appropriate for you to give a statement to the insurance adjuster; however, you should never give any such statement without retaining an attorney on your case, and engaging in a consultation about your case with that attorney prior to agreeing to give any statement to the other person’s insurance company. An experienced injury attorney will know how to prepare you so that you properly answer any questions that the adjuster may have.


Time and time again, we have seen cases immediately derailed and denied by the insurance company, because the injured person did not understand the importance of the issues in their case, and in so doing, gave incorrect information to the insurance adjuster. Had they been properly prepared, and directed to the importance, for instance, of knowing precise distances, measurements, and time, the claim would not have been denied.


When we represent our clients, we make sure that if we agree to a statement, it is done by way of a three-way phone call, so that the attorney can listen in, and, if necessary, direct the client not to answer any inappropriate questions, or perhaps interrupt if the attorneys input can clear up a simple matter.


This advice may not necessarily apply to a situation where your own insurance company, in connection with your own policy, has asked you to give a statement in connection with an accident. Because you have a contract with your insurance company, you may be under an obligation, pursuant to the terms of that contract, to provide them with a statement when asked for, or fill out forms and cooperate with them in other ways as well. Your failure to provide a statement in a timely manner or cooperate with your own insurance company in connection with your policy could negatively impact their decision to provide you with insurance coverage in your case. As a general rule, it is therefore very important for you to cooperate with your own insurance company in connection with your own coverage.


We urge you to call us if you are being asked to give a statement to any insurance adjuster in your case.