Why does the paralegal seem to handle everything?

Until your case reaches the stage where you have completed treatment, and the case is ready for preparation of a demand package to the insurance company, 99% of the day-to-day issues relating to your case are merely going to relate to making sure we are up-to-date on the course of your treatment in all medical facilities at which you have treated for your injuries. In addition, the paralegal will be ordering records from each of those physicians, facilities, and health care providers, in preparation of the final demand package. Most of what is necessary to do this is essentially secretarial work and involves utilization of form letters, which is certainly appropriate for the paralegal to handle.


There are times when a question arises, for instance, relating to a choice in a course of treatment or physicians, and its effect on your case. In that circumstance, the paralegal may relate the question to the attorney, or a phone conference will be set up between you and the attorney to discuss the issue.