Are You Eligible for North Carolina Worker’s Compensation Benefits?

The Dispatch, a North Carolina, newspaper reported, on June 13, 2013 that the North Carolina Department of Labor honored North Carolina businesses for safety. Safety was defined as a business whose safety measurements are 50 % below the state average for the type of industry involved.

The North Carolina Industrial Commission administers the Workers’ Compensation Act for North Carolina residents. Despite the best safety efforts of businesses, workers still have serious injuries which cause them to have large medical bills and to lose substantial pay because of their inability to work.

Eligibility Requirements for North Carolina Worker’s Compensation Benefits.

You don’t have to prove fault or a lack of safety, to recover for your medical bills and lost wages. Your main requirements are to show:

  • That you suffered an accident.
  • That the accident occurred while you were employed.
  • That you suffered injuries as a result of the accident.
  • If you have injuries, but did not suffer an accident, you still can collect worker’s compensation if you can show that you had an occupational disease. Occupational diseases include:
    • Many chemical exposure diseases.
    • Disease due to the characteristics of a particular trade or occupation. Some non-chemical occupational diseases include repetitive injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome or post traumatic stress disorder and even job stress.

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