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Amazon Warehouse Worker Injuries

Both North Carolina and Virginia employ many different types of workers at their fulfillment centers. These centers are spread throughout both states. Amazon also hires many drivers who use Amazon’s trucks to make pickups from the stores and facilities that have the items that are ordered – and to make deliveries to the people and …

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North Carolina and Virginia Sanitation Worker Compensation Lawyer

Sanitation work includes any activity that involves keeping private or public facilities or places clean. Examples of sanitation work include picking up the trash at various garbage disposal sites and then dumping that trash at local dump site landfalls. Sanitation work also includes janitorial work and any type of waste disposal removal. Sanitation workers in …

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Common Myths About Workers Compensation. Part Three.

This is part three of our discussion of workers’ compensation myths. If you haven’t had a look at Part One or Part Two yet, we invite you to also see those articles for additional information. We begin with a continuation of our discussion about how workers’ compensation claims differ from personal injury claims. Myth: Vocational …

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Workers’ Compensation and HIPAA

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) became law in 1966. The law is designed to protect a patient’s right to privacy regarding their medical data. HIPPA regulates the privacy and security of electronic patient information. According to the Office of Civil Rights for the US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS): “The HIPAA …

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Overexertion and Workers’ Compensation

Overexertion is a leading cause of workplace accidents and workplace incidents. For some workers, that one extra push or pull can cause a serious injury. For many workers, the cumulative effect of lifting and carrying can take a toll on the body. For other workers, just one day when a worker does more than his/her …

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Workers’ Compensation and Falls from Heights

Falling from heights is a leading cause of lost time for workers. While many workers fall while on the same level, such as when a worker slips and falls on a slick surface, falls from heights generally cause more serious injuries some of which may be permanent. The risk of dying due to falling from …

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Neck Injuries and Workers’ Compensation Accidents

Many workers in North Carolina and Virginia perform jobs that result in cervical spine or neck injuries. While some neck injuries can be treated and resolved quickly, many employees need to undergo surgery and may live with chronic long-term neck pain. Even when the pain subsides enough for the worker to return to work, many …

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Fast Food Work and Workers’ Compensation

Chick-fil-A, McDonald’s, Popeyes, Burger King. Bojangle’s. Most people in North Carolina and Virginia have their favorite places for a quick bite. While the food is a fast treat for customers, for workers in the fast food industry, every day their work includes some risk that an employee will be injured. The good news for employees …

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