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Back Injuries – Leading Cause of Workplace Accident Claims

The Hibbing Daily Tribune profiled a Virginia chiropractic orthopedist who is helping workers and employers avoid injuries. The article noted that the US Department of Labor Statistics confirms that the top cause of worker injuries is that the muscles are overextended in some fashion due to excess lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, or throwing causing back pain and pain to other parts of the body.

The loss of work due to these injuries can affect the workers for the rest of their lives. It also puts a dent into the wallets of the employers who lose the work of value employees and have to pay extra cost to hire replacements or find alternative ways to get the work done.

Many of these types of injuries could be prevented with proper training and proper techniques. While the training costs money, it is well worth the investment because of the money that it can save in the long run.

Types of Back Injury Claims

  • Normal healing. Many back injuries just take time and physical therapy to heal. Employers will typically pay a percentage of the injured worker’s lost wages, the medical bills, the therapy bills, and the cost of any necessary medical supplies, such as back braces.
  • Back Surgery. Sometimes surgery may be required, which costs more than normal healing (the employer should still pay) and take more time to mend.
  • Permanent Disability. In some cases, the worker can’t fully return to work ever or can’t return to work at all. Here, in addition to payment for medical bills, the worker may be entitled to a lump sum payment for his or her injuries.

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