Motorcycle Safety Tips

Motorcycle riders are often deadly because motorcycle riders have little or no protection. There are numerous ways motorcycle riders can prepare their vehicle and drive their vehicle to help avoid motorcycle accidents. One way for making sure your bike is ready for the trip is to remember this Acronym – T-CLOCS. The Acronym is an easy way to remember the parts of your bike you should examine.

T- Tires and Wheels – treads, air pressure, bearings, seals and breaks.

C- Controls – handlebars, levers and pedal, cables, hoses and throttles.

L- Lights and Electronics – batteries, lamps, turn signals, switches, mirrors, lenses, reflectors, and wiring. You need to see and be seen.

O- Oils and Other Fluids – are the levels right, check for leaks throughout the motorcycle.

C- Chassis – examine the frame, check for cracks; examine the suspension; make sure the chains and belts are the right tension; see that you have all the right belts, nuts, clips and pins.

S- Stands – the center stand and the side stand should be free of cracks, straight and in place.

There are a variety of tips inexperienced and experience motorcycle riders should know such as: how to prepare for the ride, how to handle the ride, how to make sure passengers are safe, and how to ride in groups. An experienced personal injury lawyer can guide you to the resources you need to be ready to ride in Virginia or North Carolina or any other state.

How our firm can help

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