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Construction Site Accident Attorney

When we look at workplace accident statistics, and at our own experience as one of North Carolina’s prominent workmen compensation law office, it appears clearly that construction sites are indeed riskier for workers than any other type of workplace.

According to the recently released U.S. Fatal Occupational Injuries Census 2009, workers in construction incurred 816 fatal injuries, 579 in transportation and 304 in manufacturing.

While the number of deadly accidents has declined in the last two years — by 16 percent in 2009 and 19 percent in 2008 — a great part of the decline is attributed to the contraction of the construction industry during those years.

A construction work site in North Carolina is a more dangerous place than a production plant for at least two reasons: one, the ever changing work environment, and two, the ever changing workers.

Implementing procedures and safety measures is more challenging than in a stable environment. Add to that the concentration of people and machinery in a confined space, and the risk of severe and fatal work accidents increases dramatically.

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The most prevailing construction site accidents are:

  • falls and scaffolding accidents
  • head injuries from metal and concrete elements
  • cuts from machines and sharp objects
  • welding and tools accidents
  • explosions
  • trench or building collapses and structure failure
  • falling objects
  • crane, dumpster, forklift, mixers, elevator accidents

This list is far from complete but shows the variety and number of accidents that could affect workers, foremen, supervisors or engineers, provoking terrible and sometimes fatal injuries.

In North Carolina, workplace accidents are ruled by the Workers’ Compensation laws giving you benefits for time out of work and covering your medical expenses. Benefits are also allocated to those with permanent disability or to the family of an employee killed at work.

For several decades, we have devoted our energy and determination to the protection of North Carolina workers’ rights. In countless cases, the insurance carrier’s sole objective is to protect their own finances and the employer’s concern is to replace the missing worker.

Your rights to quality medical treatment, a fair disability or wrongful death settlement, and compensation for lost wages are easily trampled on, and defending them can be a long and exhausting battle, adding to the burden of your pain and suffering.

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