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Permanent Partial Impairment in Virginia Worker Accident Cases

Workers who qualify are entitled to additional compensation if they suffer a “Permanent Partial Disability.” Workers who have exhausted their temporary benefits get 2/3 of their lost wages for a set period of time, and workers who return to work may get less (their pre-work wages are compared to their post-work wages).

To qualify, a worker must be unable to use a limb (arm or leg), an eye, an ear, or a digit (toe or finger). Back, neck, or body injuries do not qualify for the additional permanent partial impairment benefits under Virginia Workers’ Compensation Law. Your attorney can tell you whether your injury qualifies and how many weeks you can get benefits for your injury. Certain illnesses like Pneumoconiosis also qualify. Permanent partial impairment is expressed by the doctor as a percentage impairment by the treating physician. The percentage is then multiplied by the maximum number of weeks available for such impairment in the law. A few examples are:

  • Loss of a thumb: 60 weeks
  • Loss of the third finger: 30 weeks
  • Loss of a hand: 150 weeks
  • Loss of an arm: 200 weeks
  • Loss of hearing of an ear: 50 weeks

As an example of the kind of additional benefits provided by permanent partial impairment, if a doctor gave an opinion that a worker had a 20% permanent partial disability of the right upper extremity (arm), that injured worker would be entitled to 20% of 200 weeks, or 40 weeks of temporary total disability benefits, in addition to whatever other benefits that particular worker might be entitled to. If the injured worker chose to receive those benefits in lump sum, there must be a discount of 4% to the total amount.

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