Truck Driver Causes Four Vehicle Chain Reaction Accident in Virginia

WHSV reported on March 15, 2014 that a truck with a box trailer caused a four vehicle crash on I-81 in Augusta County, Virginia. When the driver of the truck slowed down, he lost control of his truck causing the vehicles behind him to collide in a chain reaction. The truck driver was charged with reckless driving.

Liability Issues

In this type of case there are many liability issues – some of which are not easily apparent:

  • The driver of the truck is the first target for any of the people in the other three vehicles.
  • If the driver of the truck didn’t own the truck, then the owners of the truck may be responsible too – especially if they gave the truck driver permission to use the truck.
  • The drivers of the other three trucks may have some responsibility too. A fuller investigation will be needed. If any of the three drivers was partly responsible, then:
    • They may not be able to recover against the truck driver because they were guilty of contributory negligence – some responsibility for the accident.
    • The remaining non-culpable drivers may sue the truck driver and possibly the partly responsible driver as well.
  • If any passengers were in the vehicles, they will likely have claims against the truck driver and possibly any of the drivers who were also at fault.

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