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Types of Elder Care Facilities

There are many types of elder care facilities and many people responsible for running elder care facilities. Before choosing a facility, you should explore the facilities so you can find the right one for you, your parent, family member, or friend. You should know who is responsible for running the facilities, and you should know that each facility has rules and regulations that have to be followed for the care, safety, and dignity of the patients in the facility’s care.

Types of Facilities

  • Home Care – In home care, patients stay in their home or the home of a child or friend. Here, people usually come to the house to help. Some can provide around the clock help and live-in help. Others come for a visit or on a regular basis. These people include health aides, nurses, therapists, doctors, and more. There are some laws that may help with assistance and guidance
  • Adult Day Care Facilities – These facilities target medical needs and social needs. The patient is transported to the facility during the day (for specific hours or for the business day). There are laws that regulate transport and the duties of care at the facility.
  • Independent Living Facilities – These are usually apartments or condominiums where the aim is social interaction, not medical care. Still, there are duties that any facility has to make sure the premises are safe and the tenants are properly protected from harm.
  • Assisted Living Facilities – These units allow for independent living but also some allow for some personal care – though normally not medical care. These units are normally regulated by state law and not that much, if at all, by federal law.
  • Nursing Homes – These facilities provide around the clock care and services. There are nurses and other medically-trained providers on staff. They are regulated by federal and state laws. There are levels and degrees of care from basic care to very intense care.
  • Continuum of Care Facilities – These facilities offer a combination of independent care and medical care. Services tend to be paid for on an a la carte basis. These facilities are normally regulated by the state.
  • Alzhiemer/Dementia Care facilities – Finally, these facilities are targeted to people with these specific diseases.

Help with Elder Care Facilities, Neglect, and Abuse

If you believe that your loved one has been mistreated at any type of nursing home or elder care facility, you need to take action as soon as possible. Contact Norfolk attorney Joe Miller at Joe Miller Law, by calling (888) 694-1671 for help and advice on all types of elder care facilities, nursing home neglect and abuse, and the laws and regulations that apply.

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