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Types of Truck Drivers

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There are different types of truck drivers, and it’s important to know which types there are because when an accident occurs, you need to know exactly who is responsible. Responsible means who’s liable and whose insurance company pays for any personal injury-related harm.

  • Owner-operators – these are people who own their own truck but work for others. They either drive the truck themselves for another company or work for several companies. In these cases, the owner may be liable and the company the owner works for as an independent contractor may also possibly be liable. Some owners own their truck-outright. Others may have to make payments before they can fully own it.
  • Owner-operators who run their own company — here, the owner also makes the direct arrangements to ship the merchandise/goods.
  • Employee drivers – these drivers work for a certain trucking company. The company provides the truck.
  • Combinations of the above. For instance, an owner operator may own the truck, but drive under the DOT license of the employer.

According to Wikipedia, truck drivers haul of a variety of goods. Here are some common types:

  • Vehicle haulers carry autos and boats of various sizes
  • Dry van haulers carry non-perishable goods
  • Dry bulk pneumatic drivers carry goods like salt, cement, and sand
  • Flat-bed drivers carry items like lumber and pipes
  • Reefer drivers carry perishable goods – using refrigerators and freezers
  • Some drivers haul refrigerated or frozen goods.
  • Movers carry personal household goods
  • In addition to local drivers, there are regional drivers and interstate drivers (long-haul drivers).Some drivers only work locally
  • Some drivers team up with other drivers
  • Tanker drivers carry goods like gasoline, diesel fuel, milk and other liquids as was as dry bulk goods such as sugar and flour.
  • Drivers who use the truck for their job for a specific purpose – like garbage trucks and cement trucks

How Joe Miller Law Can Help with Your Truck Accident Claim

Sadly, sometimes trucking companies attempt to escape liability or hide available coverage through shadow companies and complicated employment arrangements with drivers. As such, if you’ve been involved in a truck accident, it is important to hire an attorney who can help you navigate this potential minefield. Contact Norfolk attorney Joe Miller at Joe Miller Law or by calling (888) 694-1671 to learn more about how he can help you pursue the full and fair compensation you need after your accident. 

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