Virginia Truck Accident Lawyer Asks: What Causes Truck Accidents?

Accidents involving large trucks can be very dangerous and have deadly consequences as we’ve seen on our Virginia roads many times over the years. Curbing these accidents can be difficult since so many different things can cause them, just as in other types of motor vehicle accidents.

With the truck accidents in the Hampton Roads and Virginia Beach area, many things could be to blame. The trucks could have a malfunction of some sort, such as problems with the brakes, or it might be the weather and slick roads. In other cases, the driver of the truck might not have as much experience behind the wheel as he or she should have. Still others are trying to push through their exhaustion, which can be very dangerous. They could be trying to meet a deadline and they might be speeding, which can cause an accident. Any of these would be a violation of Federal Interstate Trucking Laws that are designed to protect the public.

Many different things could be the root cause of one of these accidents, including a company motivated to move freight as quickly as possible, at the expense of safety. If you have or a loved one have suffered through an accident with a truck and sustained injuries, then you need to have an attorney working on your side who is going to be able to help investigate and determine whether the driver of the truck was negligent and may have violated these important Federal Regulations. You may be entitled to substantial compensation coming for your injuries, as commercial trucking insurance policies typically carry much higher coverage than private insurance policies. Visit or call Trucking Accident Lawyer Joe Miller at 888-694-1671 to learn more about help for truck accidents in the Hampton Roads and Northeast North Carolina area.