What Happens When the Air Bags Don’t Work?

Seat belts are no longer the sole internal protection offered to drivers and passengers. Most vehicles now come with front and side air bags. When the air bags work they can save lives. But sometimes the airbags don’t work. They may operate too fast or not at all. They may expand when they’re not supposed to. They just may not work properly.

Airbag injuries that fail to operate can cause the driver or passenger to suffer serious injuries or be killed. Even when they do operate (though improperly) they can cause eye and facial injuries, bruises and broken bones.

When an airbag fails to operate properly the manufacturer of the airbag is the primary defendant. There may be other defendants too such as the seller of the car. After the proper defendants are discovered, a skilled car accident attorney still has to show the improper airbag caused the injury. Often, a lawyer will use expert witnesses and maybe even computer graphics to show that the airbag was responsible.

If you’ve been hurt in a car accident you will have medical bills, possible lost wages and pain and suffering. A skilled car accident lawyer can help prove your claim, sue the right companies and people and get you the damage award you deserve.

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