Joe Miller Negotiates Substantial Settlement for Illegal Immigrant Tree Cutter

2010, Elizabeth City, NC—We obtained a substantial settlement for a Hispanic immigrant tree cutter whose leg was severely crushed when a large branch fell on his leg, which required reconstructive surgery. His employer paid for all of his extensive medical treatment, but our client was left with partial permanent impairment in both of his legs and some disfigurement of one of the legs. Even though he was in the country illegally, his immediate employer was hired by a subcontractor who carried workers compensation insurance. The subcontractor employed this gentleman in a dangerous job, knowing he was in the country illegally. We therefore refused to allow the employer or comp carrier to kick our client to the curb because he was an illegal immigrant. We helped make sure the comp carrier provided appropriate translation services at every doctor’s appointment, Joe Miller attended several doctor’s appointments with our client to make sure the doctor filled out the appropriate forms to express his treatment recommendations. The settlement provided our client with sufficient funds to return to Mexico and provide his family with a better life.