Joe Miller obtains  six figure settlement for Dependent family members of CNA Who Committed Suicide with Prescription Drugs

Norfolk, VA, May, 2020.  Suicide from Intentional Overdose of Prescribed Drugs. We obtained a substantial, six figure settlement for the dependent family members of a former Certified Nursing Assistant who committed suicide. Claimant was attacked by a patient and suffered numerous injuries while working as a Certified Nursing Assistant at a mental health facility. We got her under an Award and she was receiving weekly benefits and appropriate medical treatment. Unfortunately, the worst injuries were not physical, but mental, in the form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Anxiety, as this poor woman had, in the past, been a victim of extreme domestic violence. The attack essentially unmasked all of her prior issues and caused her to become depressed and withdrawn. Although she was under the care of a psychiatrist and counselor, she tragically took her own life less than a year after her attack by ingesting massive amounts of the multiple medications she had been taking for her psychiatric issues. Toxicology tests post-mortem revealed levels as much as 100 times as high as she had been prescribed. We convinced the defendants that “but for” the accident, she would not have been taking the medications which ultimately precipitated her death and we accordingly were able to secure the dependents of the deceased a substantial settlement. We had Trusts set up out of the settlement funds for the three minor children of the deceased.